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Overview & Features of Vstaff ©TRAINER Training Module..
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    |--- + User + view, select course Features of Version 1.00 TRAINER... | + View history of participation, evaluation Home--+ 1) Allow admin to key in courses and their full detail |--- + Admin + EXCEPT | Presentation slides + Create, edit, delete course Manual + Initiate course runs 2) Allow staff to select a course to attend Email triggers to Supervisor & HR for approval HR approved 3) When a course is selected and approved, the course is flagged a Active else by default is Inactive 4) After staff attended the course, he or she must rate and evaluate the quality of the course 5) Staff can view own training history 6) Admin can view company wide list of course attendance history of course-staff, ratings and evaluations Features of Version 2.00 upgrade 1) Course will have full detail such as Presentation slides and Manual 2) Link to PA 3) Alerts by email to inform staff, Supervsior and HR of new course, change in course details, re run of courses